Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amway India 15th Anniversary 2nd Generation Business Trip

Amway India's 15th Anniversary 2nd Generation Business Trip

th As part of our 15 Anniversary celebrations, Amway is proud to host yet another exotic trip.

th The 15 Anniversary Business Trip has been designed with a special focus on engaging and grooming the 2nd generation of Amway leadership to adopt this wonderful business opportunity as their chosen path in their lives


. Qualified Founders Emeralds & above during Sep’12 to Aug’13.

• Applicant & Co-applicant & one child in the age of 15-25 years.

Either applicant or co-applicant & two children in the age of 15-25 years as on date of return journey.

Amazing Thailand!!!

Emerald Family Business Trip

Time to strengthen the bonds with family through another exciting family trip in addition to the Mega Leadership Business Seminar.


. Qualified Emeralds & above during Sep’12 to Aug’13.

• Must have at least 15% GIP Volume growth to qualify for the trip.

Definition of Family

• Husband & Wife or Applicant & Co-Applicant.

• 2 Children below 11 years of age as on date of return journey.

• For children 11 years of age & less than 18 years of age, you can pay the difference

& take them along.

This is certainly a trip not to miss!!! This trip will be hosted in picturesque Thailand

where the excitement of sightseeing and shopping awaits you.

Diamond Invitational Trips:

During the 3 year GIP period, Amway will host 3 Diamond Invitational trips, 1 for each of the three years. These would be trips of unmatched quality & experiences in some of the most sought after places across the globe. These trips would have an ideal mix of business, relaxations & will commensurate with the level of Diamond & above qualifications


• Qualified Diamonds & above in each of the Performance years.

The Diamond Invitational trip for the Qualifiers of September 2012 – August 2013 will be a once in a life-time trip on board the Alaskan cruise.

Founders Council Trips:

. The ultimate trip in terms of quality & prestige is the Founders Council Trip. All Founders Council qualifiers (Founders Triple Diamond & above or 20 FAA points) can qualify for these unmatched business, recognition & fun trips

. Founder Council trips give you the rare opportunity to enjoy & share these memorable days with Founder Council members of other countries as well. Only the top performers in the world of Amway get this privilege

The Founders Council trip for the qualifiers of the year September 2012 – August 2013 would be held at the beautiful Peter Island.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Amazing GIP-Growth Incentive Program of Amway India 2012-2015


This is the time all ABO's have to wake up and work hard to make their dreams come to true. Amway India decided to flow money and reward all ABO's. This is the GIP 2012-2015 Programe which shows the amazing money rewards for coming three years. No company will reward like this. So go and possess your inheritance today. Plan well now onwards towards this golden opportunity. Many company will promise so many things but the rewards will finally zero. But Amway never make and fake promises. The only company which make promises and fulfill them literally. we got all these years in the past 54 years. see the wonderful program of GIP 2012-2015

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