Thursday, July 2, 2009

Latest Offers of This month- Great opurtunity to get more PVS

Nature Shower Crème Hand Soap (40% Extra)

Nature Shower Crème Hand Soap leaves hands clean and soft. It is enriched with natural aloe and five different skin conditioners to pamper your hard working hands.

SKU #: 232316IDF
DAP: 299.00 INR
MRP: 359.00 INR
PV/BV: 5.30/265.00

* Product Description

Nature Shower is a concentrated soap formula that keeps hands clean, hygienic and moisturized.
Even strong odors disappear after one wash with this crème hand soap . Rich in skin softening natural aloe and five other skin conditioners, this soap makes your hands soft and supple.
It produces rich lather that deeply cleans and softens the skin. This hand soap is not hard like other soaps and is mild enough for everyday use. It makes an indispensable tool in your kitchen and bathroom.
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For most economical & effective application, use with Amway Personal Care Pump Dispenser.


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